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Andra Daans

Portraits of Life


Anansi Awakens


Work in progress


Anansi Awakens 
 Oil on linen, 100 x 120 cm / 39 3/8 x 47.2 in

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Welcome to "Anansi" where my paintings and watercolors breathe life into the legendary figure of Anansi from Akan folklore. As an artist, I'm drawn to Anansi's cunning, wisdom, and mischievous charm, which have enchanted audiences across West Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond.

Originating in Ghana and traveling through the transatlantic slave trade, Anansi's stories transcend borders and speak to the human experience. In this series, I aim to capture the essence of Anansi through vibrant artworks that convey his resilience and wit.

But "Anansi" is more than just a collection of paintings—it's a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. Through my art, I want to convey the message that every child, regardless of gender, can embody the spirit of Anansi and find inspiration in his adventures.

Join me on this journey as we honor the legacy of Anansi and ignite imaginations worldwide. Let's dive into the colorful world of folklore and uncover the timeless wisdom woven into Anansi's web of tales.

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